Hytera Mobile Set MD788


  • Model: Hytera MD788
  • Digital base trunk radio;
  • Freq: 410-430MHz;
  • Operating Voltage: 13.6V,
  • Power: 25W;
  • Dimension: 60*174*200mm
  • Weight: 1.7kg

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Hytera MD788 is a mobile trunk radio which widely use in Malaysia and world wide.  The radio comes with a large and clear display for easy visibility.  Meanwhile the speaker is able to delivery crystar clear to make convenient hearing even under noisy working condition.

Hytera MD788 is a trunk radio design and operate under DMR system.  This is a brand new Hytera trunk radio.  The complete set MD788 comes with trunk radio, microphone, power cable, 1 set external antenna and manual.


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